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Paragraph gives you everything you need to turn your passions into a sustainable business, with guarantees that you’ll always own the relationship with your audience.


Content creation just got easier

A world-class editor means your content looks great anywhere. And, with AI to supercharge your writing, you'll never have writers block again.


Turn your subscribers into patrons

Send updates straight to your audience's inbox (or crypto wallet), and grow your following using advanced newsletter automation and social integrations.


Earn a global stream of revenue

From collectible content to recurring subscriptions, monetize across your entire audience and get paid in both cash and crypto.

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Creativity powered by digital memberships

Don't just gain subscribers - gain a community. Create digital memberships that are owned by your audience, and can be used across the web.

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AI-powered writing.
Make writers block a thing of the past. Our AI-powered writing assistant helps you write better, faster.
Email workflows and automations.
Reach your members at the right time, and follow up automatically, with advanced workflows and automation.
Ownable memberships.
Subscribers get a digital collectible, indicating they're a part of your community. Provide different perks to different tiers.
Collectible content.
Unlock new streams of revenue by turning your content into collectibles.
Permanent & composable storage.
Store once, use anywhere. Your content is stored on Arweave and can be accessed from any platform.
Advanced analytics.
From time-on-page to email open rates, analyze everything you need to know about your audience.
Teams & roles.
Invite your team to help you manage your community. Create custom roles and permissions to suit your needs.
Theming & customization.
Make your community your own. Customize your community & newsletter with your own branding, colors, and domain name.
Trials & discounts.
Offer free trials and discounts to your members. Create custom discount codes to increase conversions.


A better referral program

All Paragraph publications have a built-in referral program: any reader can share any content, and get paid for helping drive growth for creators and growth for Paragraph.

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Share any Paragraph link - a newsletter, a post, or even this page - with your wallet address in the URL.

Get paid for helping creators growth

Whenever your audience clicks on your link and collects an NFT, you get paid immediately.

Get paid for helping Paragraph grow

If your audience creates a new account on Paragraph and begins creating content, you'll get an indefinite cut of their revenue.

Paragraph unlocks a new world of possibilities for creators.

We manage many of the largest newsletter in the world, and migrated from Substack to Paragraph because it's like Substack on steroids. It has all the web2 functionality that we're familiar with alongside collectible content, membership NFTs and crypto payments.

Not only does this allow us to provide unique and better experiences for our customers, but it opens up our customer base globally.

Kyle Reidhead

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